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People & Places

The Heart and Giant of Africa, Nigeria is the fastest growing economy in West Africa. Nigeria is home to colorful culture and people belonging to different ethnic groups. It is home of wide plains, largest river system and savannas.

Nigeria is also home to exotic species of plants and animals which are found no where else, making the country an ideal location for research and safaris.

Nigerian economy is the fastest growing economy in the West African region and is known as the world’s 6th largest oil production country. Nigeria is rich with other natural resources like gold, bauxite, natural gas and several others.

Nigeria is also an ideal tourist destination with heritage dating back to more than 3000 years. Several landmarks in Nigeria are considered as world heritage like the Benin Moat which is the second largest man made structure in the world. Come and discover Nigeria and its diverse culture with us.

  • London to Manila in £ 470

    London to Johannesburg in £ 452

    London to Benin City in £ 400

    Johannesburg to Abuja in £ 551

  • New York to Abuja in £ 1175

    New York to Lagos in £ 1339

    Berlin to Abuja in £ 730

    Washington to Abuja in £ 667

    Dubai to Abuja in £ 780

    Accra to Abuja in £ 70

  • Dubai to Abuja in £ 780

    Accra to Abuja in £ 70



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